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  • Farm Cultural Park: when this values history

    For those wishing to enjoy a walk through the streets of the historic centre of Favara, amongst flavours, art and culture, the Farm Cultural Park is definitely a must.

  • Piazza Cavour

    The main square of Favara, Piazza Cavour, reached its current shape in the sixteenth century.

  • The Chiaramonte Castle

    The Chiaramonte Castle may be considered the main building in the town of Favara.

  • The Church of Boccone del Povero

    The Church of Boccone del Povero is located at the top of the hill.

  • The Madonna of Itria

    The Madonna of Itria, building of the fourteenth century, only later used as a church by the name of San Filippo outside the walls.

  • The Mother Church

    The main church, and the most impressive building in Favara, is surely the Mother Church, dedicated to the Virgin Mary, located near Piazza Cavour.

  • The Church of the Rosary

    The Church of the Rosary of the seventeenth century, characterized inside by beautiful baroque stucco and a painted wooden ceiling , most likely work of a disciple ,of Peter D'Asaro, Simone Lo Guasto.

  • The Church of Santa Rosalia

    The Church of Santa Rosalia, also known as Purgatory, built after the plague that struck the town in 1626.